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We wanted to find every Harry Bertoia chair design we could get our hands on for this project. So we did, and here's what happened. 

Every design we acquired for this collection is "vintage" and required some sort of "necessary attention" in order to preserve Bertoia's intended function (i.e. seating). The Bird chair was rusted the fu** out. The Standard Diamond was shedding its white rislan enamel, and the children's chairs (having spent the last 50+ years on a back porch) needed more than one type of medicine.
Over the course of an entire year, this comprehensive collection of Bertoia chair designs were rescued and sheltered at Cast + Crew. The collection grew in to a family of seasoned veterans. A tetanus shot waiting to happen. Each chair had its own special story - and for the following months we proceeded to address the needs of each chair: one-on-one.
The following photos (by Jennifer Creager) are the end result of Cast + Crew's extensive restoration and modification process having been applied seamlessly through use of 3 integral colors, and one signature enhancement - the dipped legs - adding the perfect splash of our trademark "Marfa Red" neon to this limited and minimal color palette.

(2) Tones of Grey are used throughout: 
• Mitchell Grey (light)
• Slate Grey (dark)
Jøna Maaryn, Co-Owner of Cast + Crew
All 3 colors working together.

A pipe clad Harry Bertoia in one of our favorite vintage Knoll catalogs.

The Standard Diamond in solid Slate Grey. (above) with optional Ottoman in 2-tone. (below)

Harry Bertoia made sure the whole family was accounted for.
All of this may remind you of a similar story...

Cody Barber, Co-Owner of Cast + Crew
The Large Diamond was able to retain its original shock mounts. All four in supple, non-cracked condition - lending plenty of bounce.

When we found the Large Diamond - we thought we had ourselves a perfect 10 in terms of vintage condition. The original black-satin finish accompanied the original shock mounts, all in grade-A condition. However, the first time I sat down in this chair my eyes were immediately drawn to the Diamond's bottom edge - standing up from their seat - 7 or 8 wires had strayed from their original position atop the load-bearing perimeter wire.
The almost perfect chair needed help. If the loose wires are not addressed, an unfortunate domino effect would only continue; as each individual wire and its corresponding weld are what build the overall strength of the chair - more welds will continue to give way. To properly re-weld the weakened areas would require a clean metal surface to work with, the original paint would only interfere with the integrity and strength of the new welds. A ceremonial stripping process was due...

2 of 4 - Rare 20" Berotia child's chairs.
Before and After.

The weathered black frame sits aside one of its fully restored siblings. You can see where the rust has eaten through the outer surface of the metal. A relentless decay that will inevitably devour the chair if not stopped before it's too late. Proper media blasting of these areas eliminated the rust for good, and prepped the metal for our durable powder coating.

Finished with a dip of Marfa Red.

50+ years of aging have been brought to an end. When it comes to Modernism, we think the look and feel is just as important now as the day it was designed. The restored chairs are special because they address those 2 senses in a new way for a second generation of use and enjoyment. Each chair is available for sale, and we hope our customers will enjoy this opportunity to re-experience one of their favorite mid-century chair designs.

A Cast + Crew Collection currently on display in our Marfa, TX showroom.
Shop the limited edition collection from our Online Store.

Photos by Jøna Maaryn.