Monday, September 9, 2013


Cast & Crew's most recent endeavor involves the minds and hands of more than your usual 2 peas in a pod. So here's the line-up with no weak links:

Jøna Maaryn, co-founder Cast & Crew
Chief of Project, Photographer, Trannydermy hair implant scientist, leather, color

Art direction, Construction, Big Dipper, leather, color

Cody Barber, co-founder Cast & Crew
Vintage taxidermy "hunter", Bone cutter, Triangle mounter

Steven Williams, Designer/Carpenter
Triangle Mounts, Geometry, clean cuts

Garrett Wright, Stylist
Trannydermy Hair Stylist

We knew we wanted to work with Chisum Justus after featuring his art in an all-local Lubbock art show at Wolf School in the Spring of this year. By the end of the Summer, enough drunken conversations had permitted that we all felt confident to take on a huge onslaught of vintage taxidermy that Jøna Cody had gathered for the occasion. Chisum immediately installed a 2 tier dipping station right in the middle of our Lubbock, TX studio. A total of 43 pieces were hand dipped by Chisum over the course of several weeks in Lubbock. Steven Williams came strolling in with his usual perfect sets of both solid Maple and Walnut triangle mounts. Jøna proceeded to perform her ritual of hand weaving synthetic hair in to the scalp of our favorite Shoulder Mount Buck to create the third ever Trannydermy taxi art – styled by Garrett Wright. Finally, Cody took each deer by the antler and performed the magic trick it takes to float each set by its corresponding Triangle Trophy Mount. The completed collection was ready for its portrait as Jøna recorded the cast of characters through the lens. Although each of these pieces were started and finished in Lubbock, TX they will be shipping from our new home in Marfa, TX where we hope you will come see some of this West Texas Made madness for yourself.

First dips
Chisum Justus, crazed latex paint sculptor 
Pink spill
Cast & Crew Lubbock, TX Studio
Jøna Maaryn: Tranny-Dermy Extraordinaire 

Photos by Jøna Maaryn.

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